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This site is intended to serve as your #1 resource for schedules, scores, standings, news, and information for and about the Livingston County Area Junior Football League (LCAJFL).

The LCAJFL is made up of multiple teams representing the following Livingston County communities:

Brighton Bulldogs Howell Highlanders Novi Bobcats
Hamburg Pirates Lakeland Broncos South Lyon Panthers
Hartland Eagles Milford Mustangs

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2018 LCAJFL Champions!

The LCAJFL would like to congratulate the following teams on becoming the 2018 LCAJFL Champions!

Freshman - South Lyon Panthers Silver
Junior Varsity - Lakeland Broncos Blue
Varsity - Novi Bobcats

2018 Playoff Match-ups - Quarterfinals
Freshman American Conference
#1 Milford Maroon 7 #4 Hartland Blue 0
#2 Novi Bobcats 20 #3 Brighton Orange 7

#1 Milford Maroon 13 vs. #2 Novi Bobcats 26

Freshman National Conference
#1 South Lyon Blue 13 #4 Brighton White 0
#2 South Lyon Silver 27 #3 Howell Gold 7

#1 South Lyon Blue 7 vs. #2 South Lyon Silver 20

Freshman Final
#2 Novi Bobcats (6-1-1) vs. #2 South Lyon Silver (7-0)

JV American Conference
#1 Howell Green 18 #4 South Lyon Black 0
#2 Hamburg Pirates 6 #3 Milford Maroon 22

#1 Howell Green 32 vs. #3 Milford Maroon 8

JV National Conference
#1 Lakeland Blue 19 #4 Hartland Gold 0
#2 Hartland White 0 #3 Lakes Area Hawks 15

#1 Lakeland Blue 26 vs. #3 Lakes Area Hawks 6

Junior Varsity Final
#1 Lakeland Blue (8-0) vs. #1 Howell Green (8-0)

Varsity American Conference
#1 Novi Bobcats 38 #4 Brighton Orange 0
#2 Hartland Blue 14 #3 Brighton Black 20 OT

#1 Novi Bobcats 30 vs. #3 Brighton Black 0

Varsity National Conference
#1 Lakes Area Hawks 41 #4 South Lyon Silver 0
#2 Howell White 21 #3 Hartland White 0

#1 Lakes Area Hawks 32 vs. #2 Howell White 12

Varsity Final
#1 Lakes Area Hawks (8-0) vs. #1 Novi Bobcats (8-0)

MHSAA Overtime Rules apply to all playoff games

Home teams are determined by community home game needs over seeding. Click here for the full schedule.
Parents Items to Know

If you are a parent of multiple children and those children happen to be playing in two different locations on any given day, make sure you keep your hand stamp so you can get in to the second location free of charge. Let the gate personnel know that you are coming from another child's game.

Coaches are not allowed to have their children arrive more than 60 minutes prior to game time. Any coach in violation of this rule will be reprimanded by the LCAJFL.

All participants must play a minimum of 6 plays per half of each game unless out for disciplinary or attendance based reasons. Please ensure that your coaches are adhering to this rule.

The LCAJFL Code of Conduct is enforceable at all LCAJFL events. Please respect all of the coaches, game officials and administrators. You will be asked to leave the event if you cannot adhere to our code of conduct.

If you have any concerns at all about facilities, coaches, game officials or administrators, please contact your home community commissioner.

Rules Changes for 2018
Freshman kicking game eliminated. Possession will begin on the 35 yard line and operate as normally. If a team gets to 4th down, that team has the option of going for the line to gain or electing for a "freshman punt" which advances the ball 25 yards or half the distance to the goal (whichever is less) and the opposing team takes over at that spot. No onside kicks, extra point kicks or field goals can be attempted.

Intentional grounding is now allowed at all levels as long as the passer is outside of the pocket and throws the ball across the line of scrimmage.

Overall weight limits have been increased by 5 pounds at the freshman and junior varsity levels.

Ball carrier weight limit has been increased by 5 pounds at the varsity level.

An additional 2 pound weight allowance is allowed when real feel temperatures are at 45 degrees or less. Players must be wearing cold weather gear to be eligible for the 2 pound allowance. The real feel temperature must be from or and agreed upon by both commissioners.